What Students Say's About Our Services

After a transformative consultation with the experts at 'Get Honorary PhD,' I gained a profound understanding of the honorary doctorate process. Their personalized guidance was instrumental in shaping my approach, and I now feel well-prepared and confident on my journey to receiving this prestigious recognition.

Shantanu Banerjee

Senior Advocate Kolkata High Court

The Nomination Assistance service at 'Get Honorary PhD' exceeded my expectations. Their meticulous approach helped me secure nominations from influential figures in my field. With their guidance, I successfully navigated the nomination process and am now on track to achieving my honorary PhD.

Dr. Aziz Shaikh

Commissioner [Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation]

The Application Support service provided by 'Get Honorary PhD' was a game-changer for me. Their team ensured that every aspect of my application was polished and compelling. I am grateful for their attention to detail, and I believe this support significantly strengthened my candidacy.

Dr. Vijay N Suryawanshi

IAS, Excise Commissioner Maharashtra State

I availed the Portfolio Development service from 'Get Honorary PhD,' and it was a wise investment. Their team transformed my achievements into a comprehensive portfolio that beautifully showcased my contributions. The impact was evident..

Shri Ramdas Athawale

Central Union Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment

The Recognition Campaign service at 'Get Honorary PhD' turned my pursuit into a strategic success. Their tailored outreach plan created a buzz around my contributions, and I felt the increased support from key stakeholders. This service played a pivotal role in elevating my profile

Justice K.Sukumaran

Former Judge High Court of Bomaby & High Court of Kerala

The Presentation Coaching service at 'Get Honorary PhD' refined my communication skills and empowered me to deliver a compelling presentation. Their expert coaches provided valuable insights, helping me articulate my achievements with confidence. The impact was palpable during my honorary PhD evaluation.

Shri P.S. Sreedharan Pillai

Governor of Goa

The Research Assistance service from 'Get Honorary PhD' streamlined the process of gathering relevant data to support my candidacy. Their meticulous research team ensured that my portfolio was backed by accurate and impactful information. This service played a crucial role in presenting a robust case.

Shri Amitabh Bachchan


The Networking and Endorsement service at 'Get Honorary PhD' was a strategic game-changer. Their guidance in building meaningful relationships and securing valuable endorsements added a layer of credibility to my candidacy. I am grateful for their support in navigating this intricate process.

Cllr. Mohinder Kaur Midha

Mayor, West London [United Kingdom]